Incentives and Events

Greece and its great number of venue locations that can be found all over, whether on the mainland or islands, offer the ideal destination for organizing your venues.

Do you want to organize an event, an incentive, a conference or even find a location for meetings?

Through our firm we can offer all of the required services that are needed for the venue to take place and for it to run smoothly.

Or firm undertakes all the need steps, to:

  • Understand your needed requirements.
  • Find the appropriate venue location.
  • Arrange for sight inspections.
  • Make all the appropriate arrangements for booking the location.
  • Make all arrangements for ensuring that on the specific day, all your requirements are met.
  • Making arrangements for all extra needed facilities to be present, such as: monitors, teleconferencing and so forth.
  • Assisting and where required, to undertake with the production of advertising / promotional material that might be required.
  • If accommodation is required for the participants, our firm will undertake to make arrangements for their stay.
  • Make travel arrangements.
  • Organise for tours that would be required for the participants.
  • Ensure that the venue location has organized for coffee breaks, receptions, dinners and so forth.
  • That a greeting hostess is present at the venue.
  • and more.

Let your venue be booked and run smoothly through our offered services.

For more information, please contact us.